Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ministering to the Poor (of spirit and of material)

I encourage you to visit our Mere Discipleship Discussion blog. I have posted a comment from a man who knows from life-long, direct experience about being the hands and feet of Christ to the impoverished. He has much wisdom to impart.

Stephen Meeks currently heads up the Good Soils Ministries, ministering to the impoverished in Appalachia. Prior to this ministry, Stephen spent many years in Africa. He speaks from years of practical experience. He has practiced that which works and that which fails. Having met Stephen, I cannot speak highly enough of him, his heart, and his work. Thanks Stephen for your insight.

Stephen's blogs are very good too. They will challenge you and make you uncomfortable.

On a wierdly related note (I let each of you figure out how), I found this post and really enjoyed it. The author left a comment on my blog several weeks ago, so I check his out from time to time: Purgatory Penman.


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jettybetty said...

Thanks for pointing me to both of these posts--I really enjoyed both--and I think I might get the connection!