Sunday, September 28, 2008

VU Gets Prime Time Exposure

Vanderbilt at 4-0 sits atop the SEC East at 2-0 in the Conference. Only two other teams, Alabama and LSU (West div), are undefeated in Conference play.

Vanderbilt's hard work and Coach Bobby Johnson's system of building depth and a fundamentally sound football team over a long term are paying dividends.

Vanderbilt moved up to #19 in both the AP and the Coaches' Poll on Sunday. Even better, ESPN Game Day, the hottest football broadcast in college sports is coming to the Vanderbilt Campus this Saturday. The VU v. Auburn game will be broadcast during the prime time college football window Saturday evening.

This should greatly improve the coaching staff's ability to recruit. Having several prominent players in the NFL, including Jay Cutler, the starting QB for the hot Broncos adds even more icing on the cake.

During the first weekend of the NFL official season, VU had 13 former players on NFL rosters.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Letter to my Congressperson: Bail out of the bailout!

This is a letter I emailed to my Congressional members. I encourage everyone to make their opinion on this vital matter known to Congress.

Dear Congressman,

I am opposed to the bailout plan and skeptical of any plan that protects or rewards those who were greedy, participating in fraud, or making poor, un-informed financial decisions, either business or personal. I am also very uncomfortable with the language in the bill that gives the Secretary broad, unchecked powers without oversight from other government branches and without any legal ramifications.

For over a decade our society has preyed on and indulged in easy credit, get something for nothing, short-sighted behavior, both in businesses and in personal decisions. This could not work and was a long-term disaster waiting to happen. It has happened.

It is time to pay the piper. I, who executed fiscal responsibility, should not have to pay for the greed and mistakes of others. I cannot afford to nor can my child afford it.

I feel it is immoral to scare people into accepting a bad plan. We did this with the Iraq War, draconian security measures, and Airport security laws. All of these were knee jerk reactions, accomplished little, and have cost trillions in total. We can no longer behave this way.

Finally, I have a serious problem with the targeted list of firms first in line for the bailout being the very firms that have just been put on a government investigation into fraudulent activities. The government is going to use my money to bailout companies they suspect my have fraudulent practices? Are my elected leaders serious? I appeal to reason on this point.


Anthony W. Arnold

Sunday, September 21, 2008

VU Moves to 4-0, gets Ranked

Vanderbilt won an intense, game on the road at Ole Miss moving to 4-0 and today is Ranked 25 and 21 in the Coaches and AP polls respectively. This takes the SEC to 6 ranked teams. Last week the SEC set a record for having 5 teams in the top 10 from the same conference. There is no doubt which conference is the best in football.

This was a huge victory for VU and they are doing it in ways that VU teams in times past have failed. They are finishing strong and creating turnovers instead of committing them. They had two 2nd half goal line stands, the last one to prevent the go ahead score by Ole Miss, creating a fumble as the Ole Miss runner crossed the 1 yard line.

They are also handling adversity with patience and confidence. In the first quarter Ole Miss made big plays jumping out to a large, quick lead on VU mistakes, but Ryan Hamilton returned his first of 3 interceptions 79 yards for a touchdown as Ole Miss was preparing a knockout punch. Hamilton earned National Defensive Player of the Week from the Walter Camp Football Foundation for his incredible effort.

Hamilton's interception return got VU back in the game and changed the momentum. VU overcame the early deficit to enter halftime tied 17-17. Given our second half performance this year, this is a great position for VU.

Vanderbilt has only given up 10 2nd half points this year and has significantly outscored its opponents after the 1st quarter. Ole Miss did not score after the 1st quarter last night, the second consecutive 2nd half shutout for the 'Dores defense. And we have depth. We are very dinged up but still winning.

Ole Miss hurt themselves continually with penalties while VU remained poised continuing to be the least penalized team in the SEC.

Huge test in two weeks--a tough Auburn defense in Nashville. Vanderbilt can capitalize on Auburn's offense and will have to do this to win.


Friday, September 05, 2008

Big Night, Big Game, Big VU Victory

Vandy beats South Carolina (came in ranked #24)and coach Steve Spurrier for the 2nd consectutive year in front of a national, prime-time ESPN audience.

They played so hard in the 2nd half and earned their victory.

How many coaches or teams can say they have beaten a nationally ranked Steve Spurrier team in consecutive years? Not too many. Last year we won at South Carolina when they were ranked #6.


Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Nickson named SEC Player of the Week

Vanderbilt quarterback Chris Nickson was named SEC player of the week after rushing for a career-high 166 yards and two touhdowns and threw for 91 yards and another score in Vanderbilt's 34-13 win at Miami of Ohio last Thursday evening.

VU wins big, player of the week, UT lays an egg out of the gate. New and pleasant terrioty for VU fans.

Big game against South Carolina at home on prime-time ESPN this Thursday. All VU fans are to wear black to the game.

Can't wait. GO 'DORES!