Thursday, September 25, 2008

Letter to my Congressperson: Bail out of the bailout!

This is a letter I emailed to my Congressional members. I encourage everyone to make their opinion on this vital matter known to Congress.

Dear Congressman,

I am opposed to the bailout plan and skeptical of any plan that protects or rewards those who were greedy, participating in fraud, or making poor, un-informed financial decisions, either business or personal. I am also very uncomfortable with the language in the bill that gives the Secretary broad, unchecked powers without oversight from other government branches and without any legal ramifications.

For over a decade our society has preyed on and indulged in easy credit, get something for nothing, short-sighted behavior, both in businesses and in personal decisions. This could not work and was a long-term disaster waiting to happen. It has happened.

It is time to pay the piper. I, who executed fiscal responsibility, should not have to pay for the greed and mistakes of others. I cannot afford to nor can my child afford it.

I feel it is immoral to scare people into accepting a bad plan. We did this with the Iraq War, draconian security measures, and Airport security laws. All of these were knee jerk reactions, accomplished little, and have cost trillions in total. We can no longer behave this way.

Finally, I have a serious problem with the targeted list of firms first in line for the bailout being the very firms that have just been put on a government investigation into fraudulent activities. The government is going to use my money to bailout companies they suspect my have fraudulent practices? Are my elected leaders serious? I appeal to reason on this point.


Anthony W. Arnold

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JMG said...

Nicely said. I'll be sending some emails later today.