Monday, March 30, 2009

Mortgage/Refinance Recommendation

I am sure so many people out there have had bad, or just onerous loan processes. With rates at all time lows, many of you may be looking at refinancing. I have been through several new home purchases and refinances over the last 25 years, and have been through the good, bad, and ugly.

Well, I just refinanced again with a sub-5% rate. And I have recommendation of a Mortgage Banker to use. I had no prior relationship and only have dealt with this person via email and phone. I found the banker via and I was blessed.

The gentleman is Alan Lacey with Northpointe Bank out of Michigan. He had the best rate/costs and that is why I chose him. What I could not know is how easy he would make the process. I will let my review on Zillow (below) speak for itself. Again, I have nothing to gain by this recommendation. No little gifts or benefits. I have no personal relationship with Alan. So this is as unbiased as it gets. It is solely based on my experience with him.
Alan was awesome. Easiest, most accurate, and most honest loan process I
have been through. He is pleasant, not pushy. He lets the fact that he has the
best product speak for him. He expedites the process, closed us quickly from the
start of the process. Several lenders would not let me lock a rate without
having the appraisal completed. With Alan and Northpointe I locked my rate
within hours of completing the online application. Also, Alan adjusted my
points/rate down automatically when the market changed before closing, a
reduction of $1,875 in closing costs for my loan. I got such a good rate that I
won't be able to use Alan again because I can never afford to let go of this
rate. Alan is a true professional who lets his product and his level of service
secure his long term business. I had some detailed questions about closing costs
a week after the close. He dug in and answered them the same day, even calling
the local title company that did the closing. How many mortgage brokers would do
that? I am telling everyone I know to use Alan and Northpointe.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The Midas Touch Has Its Downside

An out-of-the blue, should I say gold, thought by my 8 year old daughter Maria.

"You know that guy who everything he touches turns to gold?"


"Yeah. It has got to be hard to blow your nose into a solid gold klennex."

Her mind just amazes me. She really thinks about cause and effect, but with weird twists. I guess reading Douglas Adams to her at bedtime has had some interesting side effects.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Hometown Favorite Book Signing Jan 23, 2009

Hometown Favorite by Bill Barton and Henry O. Arnold

I plugged this book in a earlier post and back doing the same for my friend Henry Arnold and Facebook friend Bill Barton. They will be hosting a book signing at the Barnes and Noble in Cool Springs on Friday, Jan 23 at 7:00 p.m. Chris Sanders will be joining them for this one. Check out the web site for exact address and phone number:

It is a riviting story and a great message. If you have read the book already or have interest in reading it, be sure to visit the book signing for personally autographed copy including former Titan, Chris Sanders.

Bill Barton travels the world as a business partner with three companies that develop and sell products to nonprofit organizations, small businesses and large retailers. He received his MBA from Baylor University. A sought after speaker, he combines his business experience and passion for the spiritual life to motivate and inspire others. Bill lives in Tennessee with his wife and two sons.

Henry O. Arnold is a professional actor, writer, and director in theatre, film, and television. His original film trilogy, “The Word Made Flesh,” received two first place awards at the Houston International Film Festival and the Columbus International Film Festival. He co-wrote and produced the film “The Second Chance” starring Michael W. Smith distributed by Sony Entertainment. He wrote the screenplay for the first authorized film documentary on evangelist Billy Graham, “God’s Ambassador.” His has written 156 original episodes of the children’s show “Backyard Time” produced and distributed by the United Methodist Publishing House. “Tilly,” his stage play adaptation of Frank Peretti’s story of the same title was published by Lillenas Publishing. He co-wrote and produced the documentary “Kabul-24” for Sea Bourne Pictures based on the story of the capture and escape of eight western aid workers by the Taliban. He is the narrator for the two CD recording of “Jesus in His Own Words,” distributed by Total Content. Recently, he co-produced and wrote the screenplay for the documentary film “The Next Door” winner of the Portraits of Compassion national film contest awarded by the White House Faith-based Community Initiative Project.