Monday, January 12, 2009

The Midas Touch Has Its Downside

An out-of-the blue, should I say gold, thought by my 8 year old daughter Maria.

"You know that guy who everything he touches turns to gold?"


"Yeah. It has got to be hard to blow your nose into a solid gold klennex."

Her mind just amazes me. She really thinks about cause and effect, but with weird twists. I guess reading Douglas Adams to her at bedtime has had some interesting side effects.


JMG said...

That's cute! When I make interesting observations like that, my husband thinks I'm off my rocker. How come kids can say stuff like that but adults can't?

Tony Arnold said...

We don't look cute doing it, just immature. So says my wife.

When Maria does certain things that are definitely from my gene contributions, she will say it was funny or cute.

I say, you hate it when I do it. "Well, she's not 46 is she?", is the response.

JMG said...