Saturday, November 19, 2005

Go 'Dores!

23 years ago, in Nov. 1982, my sophomore year at Vanderbilt we beat UT. I was there at Dudley field, in the rain, row 2, 45 yard line. It has been a long time. This time it was in Knoxville. I was watching on TV. This year is my 20th year reunion from graduating from Vanderbilt. What a fitting reunion celebration.

Jay Cutler, our senior quarterback, and the other young men who work so hard deserved this. I am so emotional for them today. Go 'Dores!!!!! You will be seeing alot of Jay in the pros.

I am headed to Vanderbilt to great the team when they get in.

It has been a long time since I rock 'n rolled, GO DORES!!! I love you.


Malia said...

Congratulations Tony! I'm sure it was worth the wait.

JMG said...

You know, I saw the crowd waiting for the team to get back and wondered if you were there. But I couldn't help but think that y'all really needed a couple of martinis to help you get into the real redneck winning spirit that other fans show.

jettybetty said...

Congratulations Tony!!!
What a great game!

Amanda said...

You know, I'm for anyone that beats UT. Go Dores!!!

Rob Cox said...

I'm a big orange fan and I've got to say, I was kind of pulling for them. If there had to be a season where they broke the streak, I wanted this season to be it. Congratulations! We'll see Cutler in the NFL next year!

Rob Cox

crittermer said...

Congratulations! I attended the game and I'll confess that even though I was wearing orange, I thought it was pretty neat to watch Vandy pull out the win. I felt like I was part of history! Plus, I figured they're allowed a win once every 23 years or so (wink, wink.)

Tony Arnold said...

Malia: On that last drive by UT, I made Anita and Maria come in to cheer. I told Maria, to cheer as hard as she could and pay attention, because it might be the only victory in Knoxville she will ever see in her lifetime (she is 5 for those who don't know).

JMG, I need a martini just thinking about what could have been. The MTSU game really hurt us. But MTSU earned that win. Too bad they couldn't play like that every week. I feel bad for McCollum. I think he will do well somewhere.

JB: I lost a year or two off my life this season, at least one in that game.

Rob: Thanks for sentiment. It really is all about the players. I am so happy for them. Nothing else matters. They are the ones that work so hard.

Amanda: I would love to say a few words about your comment, supportive words, but I trying hard to focus on Vanderbilt win and avoid any negative sentiment to UT. Especially with my UT friends being so gracious here. We'll talk in private.

Crittermer: Routine victories are like a diet of honey on toast on a beautiful morning. But the rare victories are like manna in the desert. I just pray we don't have decades more of wandering in the desert. :-).

Spunky said...

Congratulations Tony! My team lost this weekend (UM v OSU)

BTW. I'd love to hear your perspective on today's ninth circuit court decision allowing Islam to be taught in the schools including reciting the Qur'an and the dressing up for a pilgrimage to Mecca. I think you brought up some interesting questions in my previous post so I'd like your thoughts on this.

Spunky said...

Oops I should mention it's the top post on my blog today. I'm at the library and the computer is slow so just click on Spunky and you should get to it.

Jana said...

I knew you would blog about this!!!