Thursday, December 04, 2008

Santa Can Save You Money!

My eight year old daughter is wonderful, bright, good at math, and has a heart for God. She demonstrates a non-materialistic and financially aware attitude not often seen in children. A recent conversation demonstrated all of the above.

Maria had seen some kind of toy horse at store that she liked, one that was quite expensive (~$250), and she had expressed interest in this horse. We explained how expensive this was, especially given how much use it was likely to see once the novelty wore off.

A few days ago my wife was inquiring of Maria's Christmas list. Maria provided a short list of modest priced items. Bemused, Anita said, "I noticed you did not mention the horse you said you liked so much."

My very astute and caring daugher replied, "Momma, that is much too expensive. No point in ya'll spending money on that. Let Santa get it!"


JMG said...

Do you think Santa will bring me a convertible when he brings Maria's horse?

Tony Arnold said...

Depends on which Santa you ask!

Anonymous said...

Waaaay too cute!

Amanda Williams (I can't remember my blogger username/password at the moment)

Tony Arnold said...

Glad you are reading the blog though Amanda Anon! BTW loved the recent picture on your Facebook of the belly-to-belly pregnancies. Was that your sister or sister-in-law?

Anonymous said...

oh wonderful maria, how i miss watching her grow up...what an angel :)

Anonymous said...

^ whoops, forgot to add that's from ben ledger...and that i miss you, tony, and anita dearly, too!!