Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thy Kindgom Come

I decided to post a thought that was triggered by Matthew's Musings on Spiritual Matters blog post entitled, Seriousness, Culture, and Worship.

If we lived out our passion, openly, for Christ as much as we do for our sports allegiances, the Kindgom of God on earth would have come a long time ago.

. . . we got Spirit, yes we do! We got Spirit, and love you too!

Peace in Christ,



JMG said...

That's a great cheer!

I've often wondered why guys (and girls) can sit in the stands and yell and holler for their team, but they don't get excited about Jesus.

Tony Arnold said...

I am as guilty as anyone. I vocal and open about Vanderbilt but am more reserved in talking about my faith. Now some reservation is good, because if I approached people about Jesus like I handle myself at VU sports events, they would back away quickly.

JMG said...

I tend to back away from people who are overly enthusiastic about sports!

jettybetty said...

To your comment I can say AMEN!!!

I love passionate worship!!