Monday, July 21, 2008


Execution: the movement from thought and emotion to action and consequence.

Persecution is prejudice executed.

Pain is evil executed.

Failure is ignorance executed.

Wisdom is knowledge executed.

Sacrifice is love executed.

Salvation is Christ executed.

The Kingdom of God is grace executed.

Please add your own.


JMG said...

Sort of like when James says that the thought leads to the action and becomes sin.

Say, how do you like The Water and the Blood? That wouldn't happen to be my old copy with my annotations, would it?

Tony Arnold said...

No it does not have any notes in it. I bought in very good, hard-back condition from a used vendor at Amazon.

I like it alot. I put it on my reading list way back when you recommended it to JB on the blogs. Since you loved it so much, I had to get it. Barely into though.

JMG said...

I just wondered. I sent JB my copy and she sent it to a lot of different places. I thought she might have sent it to you as well. That copy has visited places I'll never see!