Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Name that Quote

. . . will separate our enemies from our friends. Those who are not with us are against us, and will be dealt with accordingly."

Recognize this quote readers? Who said it and on what occasion?

Bonus point question (not tied to the above). What is the origin of the Star Bangled Banner?

Answers will be provided in a few days.


JMG said...

I think the quote is Bush misquoting Jesus.

Didn't Francis Scott Key write the words to the Star Spangled Banner? I've heard also that the tune is an old drinking song. Perhaps that explains why most people can't really sing it that well.

Phil said...

Yeah, Key wrote the SSB while looking at the British bomb Fort McHenry through the night during the War of 1812. He wasn't sure the americans would be able to hold on, but when the sun came up, the flag was still there.

Tony Arnold said...

I got Phil to comment on my blog! Alright!

I can't wait to post the answers.

JMG said...

He probably doesn't come around much because of the riffraff that hangs around here.

Tony Arnold said...

I know him well, he likes riffraff.

jettybetty said...

It was probably written by Edward Livingston, to people in New Orleans.

I agree with JMG on the SSB.

jettybetty said...

O no--now I find out I am possible riffraff.

JMG said...

Guilt by association, JB.