Monday, June 23, 2008

Name that Quote answers

Here is the full quote:

The general announces his unalterable determination rigidly to execute the martial law in all cases. . . He will separate our enemies from our friends. Those who are not with us are against us, and will be dealt with accordingly. -- Andrew Jackson: His Life and Times by H. W. Brands. Amazon Kindle ref. 4440.

3 points awarded to Jettybetty who got closest. The statement was made in a published letter to the occupants of New Orleans by Andrew Jackson as he prepared to defend against the British occupation and invasion of New Orleans in the War of 1812. It is highly likely that Edward Livingston delivered the letter to the local paper(s) on behalf of General Jackson. He was Jackson's aide during this battle.

1 point to JMG for the Bush and Christ reference. This is eerily close to a Bush speech against the evil forces behind 9/11 and in preparing the nation for the ultimate intent to invade Iraq.

Christ used this language in rebuking the Pharisees who alluded Jesus was in league with Beelzebub when he cast out a demon from a blind and mute man. Christ made the point that if he cast out a demon in the name of Satan, was this not a house divided against itself and made no sense. Therefore, he must be doing this through the power of God. Further, if he was working with God, and you claimed to be serving God (the Pharisees did) but were against him, Christ, you were against God. Matt. 12:22-32 or Luke 11: 14-23.

BONUS QUESTION: 5 points to JMG for giving the answer I was looking for. Our illustrious nation anthem is taken from an English drinking tune. I figured most knew that Francis Scott Key penned the words; that many knew he did so during the bombing of Fort McHenry at the Battle for Baltimore, although most would assume the American Revolution instead of the correct time of the War of 1812. Given the origin of the tune, it is even greater reason that America the Beautiful should be our national anthem.

Not to mention it is more accurate to the sentitment of America and not to an emblem, that it is a majestic song, and that it is easier to sing.

NOTE: America the Beautiful is our nation hymn while the Star Spangled Banner is our national anthem.


JMG said...

I knew all that useless trivia would help me out one day. How do I cash in my points?

Tony Arnold said...

They have about the same value as Confederate script.

Or your favorite cup of coffee, tea, or other beverage on me.

jettybetty said...

I may have to come to Nashville, so I can meet you all at Starbucks!

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I'm there! Tony's buying the coffee.

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BTW Tony, it looks like my canoe trip may be rained out tomorrow, so we're putting it off until this coming Saturday--Husband is getting a 3 day weekend this week! Let me know and I'll get a canoe for y'all.

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We are going out of town. Taking a long weekend myself.

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