Monday, March 19, 2007

Sweeeet baby!

I love college basketball. I love March Madness. I love the sweet sixteen!

Know what I love the most about it? Being in it!



JMG said...

The Lady Raiders have done an excellent job as well, with 27 straight wins--a national record.

Tony Arnold said...

Well Vandy and MTSU can meet for the national championship since they are in opposite brackets. VU women were SEC tournament champs and are a NCAA #2 seed.

BTW our baseball team is ranked #1 in the nation at the moment and we have only lost one game.

Great year to be a Commodore

JMG said...

If MTSU wins tonight, then they will be in the sweet 16 where their next opponent would most likely be the Lady Vols, which will probably spell the end for MTSU's winning streak.

I've heard that Vandy's baseball team is doing well.

And I don't even particularly care about or follow sports.

Tony Arnold said...

I can promise you I will be cheering hard for MTSU tonight.

Normally I pull for SEC teams in the tourney, but I like our chances of beating MTSU better than the beating the Vols. LSU knocked off the Lady Vols in the SEC tourney which helped us.

Tony Arnold said...

And with my Dad being from Murfreesboro, I like MTSU anyway.

JMG said...

The Lady Raiders didn't make it last night. But it was a great season for them. Sort of gave our school some recognition.