Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Two Tags and My Own Invention: Rev 1.

I don't do tags, but I did like these two and since my friends tagged me, I do not want to alienate the few that I have. So today I catch up on two recent tags and decided to do my own as well. Rev 1: I modified my desert island albums.

From JMG: Share 5 weird things about myself:
1. Mayonnaise makes me cringe. I find it absolutely disgusting and repulsive.

2. I have converted from being a southern protestant, conservative Republican but still have no affinity for liberal, Democratic politics. I am a man without a party. I think I will vote non-incumbent. Still very much southern and still protestant by default.

3. I was in a rock band in high school and college but did not have long hair, drink alcohol, or do drugs. But after college did grow long hair.

4. I am 44 years old and I have never tried any kind of illegal or recreational drug (except alcohol)--not even one little toke and I still have no interest. But I don't care that others have. I also was a virgin when I got married (I like to joke that it was not necessarily my choice).

5. I have a very deep faith and conviction for Christian discipleship, but I don't typically enjoy reading non-fiction Christian works other than the Bible. I don't object to them, just not the stuff I enjoy reading.

From Phil: Book tag
One book that changed your life: This is very difficult. There are two that truly changed my thought process and my behavior. Out of the Crisis by W. Edwards Deming and Mere Discipleship by Lee Camp.

One book that you have read more than once: Quite a few. But the one I could read over and over is the 5 book Gap series by Stephen R. Donaldson. Deep human study and complex political intrigue all set in outer space by a writer with an incredible command of the English language. Doesn't get any better.

One book you want on a desert island: I have seen this one with the statement, "except the Bible." I would choose the Bible if I had to pick only one. But if except the Bible, I would cheat and take the 5 book Gap series above. If I could not cheat, I would use a technicality to take Lord of the Rings because it was originally intended to be one big book.

One book that made you laugh: A Nasty Bit of Rough by David Feherty. Not only made me laugh, but embarrassingly hard in public.

One book that made you cry: Night by Elie Wiesel. I wept bitterly, multiple times. This book ripped my soul apart and made me ask hard questions of God for which I still have no answers. I can cry just thinking about it.

One book you wish had been written: That's Why by the Holy Spirit. Or, I Was Wrong and I Am Sorry by W.

One book you wish had never been written: Night by Elie Wiesel. I wish it wouldn't have been written because it wouldn't have happened. But it did.

One book you are currently reading: See my blog, left side menu.

One book you have been meaning to read: Atlas Shrugged or Anthem by Ayn Rand. I keep hearing about them and what to check it out for myself.

My Own Album/CD tag
One album/CD that had profound impact on you: Yessongs by Yes. Blew me away. I had never heard anything like this in my life and it had great influence on me.

The 5 album/CD's you would want on a desert island: Yes Yessongs, Chicago Live at Carnegie Hall, Stravinsky Firebird Suite, Led Zeppelin Physical Graffiti, The Beatles White Album (replaced Holst Planets)

Your ultimate feel good album/CD: Frampton Comes Alive

One song that makes you cry: "Awaken" by Yes from Going For the One. The beauty, majesty, spirituality, and imagery is amazing (~15 min song). The building to majestic crescendo at the end wells up tears of emotion that are not sad, just so much positive emotion it is hard to contain.

Your all time favorite song: "Awaken" or "Hey Jude."

An album/CD you wish had never been cut: Hot Streets by Chicago. This was the transition from their eclectic rock/jazz/pop style into Top 40 pop. If you want an amazing but sad contrast, listen to Chicago Transit Authority (1st album) and Hot Streets. CTA was hard rock-jazz-fusion, Hot Streets not. The catalyst for the transition was the death of their original guitar player Terry Kath (Jimi Hendrix praised him highly).

An album/CD you wish had been cut: My first one.

Last album/CD you bought: Joe Bonamassa You and Me. Joe's 6th CD debut was #1 on Billboard's Blues category. This kid is unbelievable. Joe is no one's clone, very original, but will remind you of Stevie Ray, Hendrix, Albert King, B.B. King and Jimmy Page.

Oops, I just ordered Bob Nyswonger's first solo album Deposition while writing this post. The Bears' bassist.

5 other Album/CD's your sure your friends haven't heard, but should: Extreme III Sides to Every Story, King's X Out of the Silent Planet, Chicago II, Joe Bonamassa Had To Cry Today, The Bears Car Caught Fire

Whoever wants to do the Album/CD tag, your it. Please leave a comment and link to your blog if you do the tag. Feel free to comment even if you don't do the tag.


Amy said...

Do you have a ponytail? You are such a sweet, sensitive "ponytail" kind of guy.

Liked your lists!

JMG said...

How in the world can you eat a sandwich without mayonnaise? If I had to choose only one condiment for the rest of my life, it would be mayonnaise.

I won't do your music tag because I don't own a lot of music, but I'll share this. I just bought a new CD--Raul Malo's "You're Only Lonely." On this CD, he sings romantic standards in a way that could charm the pants off any woman. Guys, if your sex life is in a slump, play this album for your significant other!

Tony Arnold said...

Amy: no ponytail. My wife might argue the sweet, sensitive comment, but since you don't know any better I'll take it.

JMG: Now, why would I want Raul charming the pants of my wife? I am having enough problems without the competition. ;-)

Stoned-Campbell Disciple said...

Great list Tony. Glad to see the Beatles were on the favorite song list. You have grown in stature in my eyes from that alone, :)

Bobby Valentine

Tony Arnold said...

I love the Beatles, have the complete box set of all recordings and it is my 6 yr. old daughter's favorite band along with The Bears.