Thursday, August 17, 2006

It Better End Soon

(Robert Lamm/Walter Parazaider/Terry Kath)

[1st movement]
Can't stand it no more
The people dying
Crying for help for so many years
But nobody hears
Better end soon my friend
It better end soon my friend

Can't take it no more
The people hating
Hurting their brothers
They don't understand
They can't understand
Better end soon my friend
It better end soon

[2nd Movement - Flute Solo]
[3rd Movement - Guitar Solo]

[4th Movement - Preach (studio album)]
Hey, everybody, won't you just look around
Can't anybody see?
Just what's going down
Can't you take the time?
Just to feel, just to feel what is real
If you do, then you'll see that we got a raw deal
They're killing everybody
I wish it weren't true

They say we got to make war or the economy will fall
But if we don't stop, we won't be around no more
They're ruining this world, for you and me
The big heads of state
Won't let us be free
They made the rules once, but it didn't work out
Now we must try again, before they kill us off

No more dying! No more killing
No more dying! No more fighting
We don't want to die, no, we don't want to die
Please let's change it all; Please let's make it all
Good for the present, and better for the future
Let's just love one another, let's show peace for each other

We can make it happen; Let's just make it happen
We can change this world, please let's change this world
Please let's make it happen for our children, for our womenChange the world
Please make it happen
Come on! Come on! Please, come on!
It's up to me. It's up to you.
So let's do it now, yeah, do it now
[end of Preach]

Can't stand it no more
The people cheating; burning each other
They know it ain't right. How can it be right?
Better end soon my friend
It better end soon my friend

[4th Movement - Preach (live album)]
Oh yeah
You know what we've been saying
You know what we've been praying
You know what's going down

Oh come on
Let's spread it around
We got to stop it
We got to make it right - got to
We got to end all fighting - gotta
We got to end it tonight

It can't be done just because I'm gonna sing a song
Everybody must have love and peace just flow

It's got to grow from a little spark
It's got to burn higher
But it must start
If we want to have the whole world right
We got to put up a fight
But a peaceful fight
Can't go around killing - and contradicting ourselves
We gotta do it right - within the system

Please understand what I say
Everybody understand what I say
End this war as fast as we can
End this war, end this war, end all wars
Forever more, c'mon, c'mon, please, please
We gotta do it so that the world will live
You know all you gotta do is give - of yourself
Give of your heart - give of your soul
Please let's go! Do it, do it, do it

It Better End Soon from Chicago II, Jan. 1970
Preach -- Live Album from Chicago at Carnegie Hall, April 1971

We just never listen do we? Mankind has been trying violence and killing as a problem solving method since Cain killed Able and our problems are still with us. When will we realize this method just doesn't work. Don't believe me, look at the empirical evidence.


jettybetty said...

Amen Tony!

I read this article today--and thought of you. I was going to put something up over at the Discipleship Discussion--but it's been a really busy day!

Tony Arnold said...

Thanks for the article. I was going to post a comment about it here, but decided I would use it as a blog post in a few days.

I look forward to your MD post. Please do it. Go with your heart, we need to hear it.