Friday, February 17, 2006

A View into the Real Mechanics of How Good and Evil Work

My job is keeping me very busy and traveling more which is reducing my blogging.

Instead of an original post today, I would encourage you to read this blog post, Testify, by Purgatory Penman. If you want to read examples of how Satan really works to corrupt and how Christ can truly save, you will find his post valuable.

I realize that I have very few real problems, and for some reason God has protected and blessed me beyond measure. I have lived protected from evil people and been given much love by humans. Why me? God only knows. Why is not important. Using this blessed life to further His kingdom is paramount. Purgatory Penman helps remind me to stay focused on how to serve God and not myself.

Through Christ,



jettybetty said...

Thanks for linking to this post Tony--it gave me the chills. Some of the time I think I have no testimony--I think it's flat boring compared to ones like he spoke of--but I believe God can use even my testimony--if I let him.

I thought of you yesterday as we flew over so many barges!

Tony Arnold said...

I think you have a great testimony. You have built a family of faith. That is a tough job in this world.