Friday, February 10, 2006

First Memories at Otter Creek's New Location

Several commented on my last post that they looked forwarded to reading about the new events and memories Otter Creek will be creating in our new location. It dawned on me yesterday that I have already been a part of two events that are my first memories at our Franklin Road buidling.

The first is moving into our new building last Saturday. A small army of Otter Creekers arrived at Granny White around 7:00 in the morning and by 9:30 am had all the trucks parked at the new location and ready to move in. Amazing. This was a unique situation because the former occupants, Living Word, were moving into our building. So we had to both move out and in on the same day. When we arrived, Living Word was not quite as far along as we were. So the OC army pitched and began helping Living Word load their trucks. It was truly a testimony to Christ to have wave after wave of Otter Creeker's loading Living Word's trucks and unloading our trucks simultaneously. The fellowship of labor was wonderful.

The second memory is sad but joyous. Christine Ewing, mother to our one of elders, Fred, and wife to fellow Monday men's group member, Bob, passed away on Sunday. The funeral was Wednesday in the sanctuary at our new location. It was joyous to celebrate the life of this Christian woman. I had the honor of serving as a pallbearer. Thanks to Bob's request that his men's group serve as pallbearers, we got to be participants in the first sanctuary service at the Franklin Road location.

I find it interesting that my first real memory at Otter Creek was a death during service (see my last post), and that one of the first memories for me at the new location is a funeral. Both events framed in the celebration of Christian life.

If you don't follow my link to Purgatory Penman regularly, you should. It is always a sobering read, at least for me. I know he appreciates your reading. I found his blog one day when he left a comment on mine. How he found me, I have no idea


jettybetty said...

I forgot the Ewing's were at OC. They were leaving RH as we came. I mostly know them through the stories of what are now mutual friends.

Your moving story truly is a testimony of Christian fellowship.

I pray God will continue to do powerful things through OC at the new location!

Amy said...

That is a sweet testimony of the fellowship of believers. Not sure how many people out there would be willing to go the extra mile like that on a stressful moving day. And it sounds like a joyful time serving.