Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Maria's First Snow (sort of)

The small amount of snow we received last night was really the first snow Maria has been able to get out an play in. She is 5, and the last snow we got of even minor accumulation (like the sad amount received last night) she was just a baby. Nashville just doesn't get much snow any more. Seems like when I was a kid we got at least 2-3 good snows every winter.

Anyway, here are some pics for all to enjoy.

First snow angel.

What's your name?

Hard work, so strong!


Amy said...

She is beautiful! Our girls were outside last night til around 9:00 with the neighbor kids throwing snowballs. Would you say we've all been pretty desperate for snow?

jettybetty said...

Looks like she's having a great time!

I loved snow when I was a kid--fun to play in--no school--now, I have to drive in it--and it's not so fun!

Did you all have work/school today??

Malia said...

Jan 2003...big snow hit Nashville and practically paralyzed the city. Kids stuck on school buses, highways and secondaries became parking lots for hours. Where were you???

I remember this very clearly because that morning I had to take David to work in Franklin (it was not snowing yet but the forcasters didn't know when it would hit) and then I headed back to Nashville to take Sweetpea to school (she was in Miss Eva's class @ OC). By the time I got to the church building the snow was coming down very hard and everything was covered (more so than what it was this morning). It took 45 minutes to get home, we were lucky ones that day. After it finally stopped I took Sweetpea outside and we made her first, though small, snowman.

JMG said...

What a cute girl! Gets her looks from her mom, I'm sure.

Just kidding!

Tony Arnold said...

That is just one of the many good traits she gets from her mother.

There are a lot of great mothers in the world, but I will say, God made my wife to be a mother. She is an incredible mother. And I don't mean this from a domestic manager point of view (which she does well too). I mean from the one-on-one, mother/daughter relationship point of view. Anita is just awesome: she loves the time with Maria more than Maria loves the time with momma; she is soo patient; kind and gentle but not lax with discipline.

Maria and I are blessed.


Tony Arnold said...

Amy: we are desperate for some real snow.

JB: No school, but work never closes.

Malia: don't know what to say. I worked that day and came home without much problem that evening. Went to work the next day. Guess I had forgotten.

erinlo said...

SO JEALOUS ya'll got snow! Looks like fun. And I love your comments about Anita and Maria- I'm sure they feel very blessed as well!