Friday, January 20, 2006

Going In The Right Direction

I love this song by the Robert Randolph & The Family Band. To listen to it, just follow the link and click the song title on the bottom of the web page (play list).

The band is incredible; a mix of rock, soul, funk, blues, and gospel. Robert Randolph plays lead pedal steel guitar on par with other great rock guitarists such as SRV, Joe Bonamassa, Jimmy Page, Hendrix, Joe Perry, etc. Their style is unique and their songs so uplifting. Very refreshing in todays rock world.

Going In The Right Direction
CD: Unclassified
Music & lyrics by Robert Randolph © 2003, Happy Fingers Publishing

1. I was lost
I thought the losing dice were tossed
Didn’t know where to go
Didn’t have no one to turn to
I’m glad I found you just in time
I won’t miss those things I left behind

Now I’m going in the right direction
Going in the right direction

2. Now I’ve found
The road I need to travel down
I don’t know what tomorrow brings
Day by day with you I’ll do the same thing
I’m so glad I’m standing on my own two feet
No more running into that dead end street

Now I’m going in the right direction
Going in the right direction

You better get right
Or you’re gonna get left

I stumbled upon another blog who felt the same while searching for the lyrics in electronic form. However, Songdevotions went into more detail on how the songs applies


jettybetty said...

Great lyrics--Songdevotions is an interesting site!
Have you heard of Derek Webb? I would like his new CD--perhaps Critter will let me listen to hers ;-).
I think you would like his stuff, too!
Review of the CD here:
Some day I will learn to hyperlink in comments--surely!

JMG said...

Good lyrics. I like it when lyrics don't mention God, but you can get that message if you choose to.

Not really my kind of music, though.