Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I have not posted in a while. There are several reasons: (1) work is intense right now. (2) I am also busy preparing for a worship program at a men's retreat. (3) Home life has been busy as well. (4) On top of 1-3, I have been ill since Sunday and trying to do 1-3 at the same time. I am not feeling so well at the moment. I suspect a nice, little virus has taken up lodging in hotel Tony.

Anyway, I do intend to blog but it will probably be after this weekend. I plan on starting a series of blogs that brings some past journaling to life. Last summer, during a retreat at Gethsemani Abbey, I journaled about my faith walk over the last year or so. A period of spiritual growth, spiritual trial, and spiritual commitment that was greater than any other period in my life so far. Greater in terms of development during a specific time-frame. Something on the order of of 25% of the spiritual development in my life occurring in a 1-2 year period. Hard to quantify, and I am not really trying to do so. I am just trying to provide a feel for the effect of that time frame. At then end of the series I plan to summarize the events since the retreat, where I am, how things have worked out, etc. This period of time has led me to a deep commitment to understand true discipleship, and to put this understanding into dailypractice. One effect this period has had on me is starting this blog.

But the best laid plans...

Anyway, I hope I start feeling better soon and make some time to start writing again.



Amanda said...

Hi, Tony.

Can't wait to read it.

Get better soon. :o)

Stephen Meeks said...


Thanks for your encouraging comments regarding my postings. I'm glad I have invaded your private territory...for all the best intentioned reasons.

I'll be glad to get my book too. I've been working on it for 23 years now! No joke. I have baulked however at the process demanded for getting it published. It is too commercial and I would rather that things just 'happen' and that people get the material and are benefited.

Thanks again,