Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Language Soapbox Part II

I just had to post a recent experience related to me by a blogging cohort. I am not providing identifying information to semi-protect this person's anonymity. To my friend, if you wish me to remove this post, just email me or comment me to do so, and I will remove the post.

Actual experience of a friend:
This is one of my current rants--for so many reasons. I recently called a customer service center for student loans and never got an explanation of what was going on. I could not understand the *english* they were speaking (accent was horrible) and they could not understand me. I had the call escalated 3 times--and finally asked where they were. They were in Jamaica. When I asked to be transferred to headquarters in the US (after about 1:45 hours on the phone)--the person in Utica, NY took care of my problem in less than 5 minutes! Is is good customer service to get your customers so frustrated?

Then, my REAL issue with all of this is my own office--we are under scope--and I suppose will all loose our jobs so that someone in the Phillipines can do our jobs. Is it really cheaper when the people you are trying to help are totally frustrated?

Excellent example of the problem and some other effects we might not consider.


Justin said...


I know you probably no longer agree with Rush Limbaugh, but it seems like the "pill popping" comment in the Now Reading section is a little harsh. If someone at OC became addicting to pain killers through prescribed use (which happens very often, and I wouldn't doubt at a church of 1000 there are some there who are) would you make the same comment about them? Regardless of whether or not you agree with him, Rush is a person just like you or me. I just don't believe that's how Jesus woudl describe him.

Tony Arnold said...

Good point. I wasn't trying to be harsh just a little funny. I thought the title was pretty ironic. I will remove the comment.

Justin said...

I just reread what I wrote, and I just wanted to let you know that I wasn't saying that maliciously or anything. I listen to rush and it just bothers me when people make snide comments about it, especially since its not an addiction he got from doing illegal things in the first place, but because of back surgery and prescriptions.

Its like people assume that's what he would say about someone with that problem (or would have said) so that's how they treat him. I just think we should be above that.

Tony Arnold said...

I agree and I didn't take your comments as harsh. I have to admit though, there have been many times when Rush hasn't pulled any punches on being harsh about others.

I appreciate the challenge you made. Christians need question each other at times. If I had disagreed with you, I would have politely stated my case.

Tony Arnold said...

p.s. I was pretty happy about the fact you even noticed it. It has been up there for at least a week. I wondered if anyone would notice the unintentional joke of the book title.

Justin said...

i'm all about sly jokes like that.

where i've got amy grant's link it says "not the ccm artist"