Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Classic Rocker Memory Test

Okay, based on some dialogue from my previous post I decided to post a non-serious blog this week. If you think you have an answer to the question posed at the end of the commentary (confession) below, post your answer without reading other comments first, that way you don't cheat.

JMG felt old because music from the late 80's is put in the classic genre by some. Well how do you think I feel? I actually remember when WKDA-AM added WKDA-FM rock (1972) later to become KDF 103 The Rock (1976), the best rock station in the south if not east of the Mississippi. Carl P. Mayfield was the long time DJ for this hard rock station. Did anyone have a Trans AM with the big black and yellow KDF sticker on the back window? Or a guitar case or music equipment with that sticker? Here is a history link for this great station: KDF History.

I also remember when KDF switched formats from hard rock to classic rock and now it is a country station. All those Carl P characters you country people know came from his KDF Rock days.

Among Nashville rockers, the day the music died was when KDF went country.
OK...that should test the old folks. What song is the bold phrase from and to what did it refer in that song? If you know the artist, you get bonus kudos for being old but still have a great memory...for meaningless minutae.

Have fun.



jettybetty said...

I'm not from Nashville, but I know one song that phrase came from--"American Pie"--sorry, have no idea what it was in reference to--may not even be the song you are looking for!

Tony Arnold said...

Pretty good JB. Full answer coming soon.

Amanda said...

I'm not even old and I know that answer....the song is American Pie by Madonna. (just kidding about the Madonna part! She did do a remix of the song a few years ago, though).

The song is referring to the day that The Big Bopper and all of those other guys died in a plane crash.

Tony Arnold said...

2 stars to Amanda. Buddy Holly was one of those other guys that died.


SistaSmiff said...

Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper and Richie Valens. (Rent "La Bamba" if you want his story.)

The fantastic artist who wrote and sang "American Pie"....DON MCLEAN.

JMG said...

Wow. I was clueless on that one, but I remember the black KDF sticker with the yellow letters. I listened to rock during the 80's for a while because it wasn't cool to listen to country. Now for me it's only country and bluegrass unless I'm riding with my husband who likes the classic rock station that has just--to my chagrin--begun playing music from the 80's.

Tony Arnold said...

4 stars for SistaSmiff! I love getting a post from someone who has not posted before.

Read your blog Sista...get the distinct impression we know each other from way back. Am I right or wrong?


SistaSmiff said...

I meant to say something about that oh so familiar KDF sticker....I remember so well the days when KDF ruled the waves. Besides Carl P. and crew, the DJ I remember most was Patty Murray. She had the coolest, sexiest voice and I always wished (and still do) that I talked like that.

I tried to be a metal head. I really did. Never could quite cut it.

I was ok with it going country because by that time, I was older and as long as Carl P. was there, that was ok with me.

Malia said...

Did you realize you were linked on Nashville is Talking today?

Tony Arnold said...

I had no idea. How does that happen I wonder? What does that mean? Is it a good thing?


Malia said...

Brittney "blogrolled" you some time ago, she looks for blogs that indicate the authors are in Nashville or surrounding areas. She may have seen you linked on my page, Phil's page etc, also. Once you've been "blogrolled" she'll puruse your blog and if she feels it's interesting or relevant to something going on or whatever (I'm really not sure what her exact criteria is) she'll link that post on Nashville is Talking. If you're intersted in more traffic on your blog it can be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

I began listening to KDA FM in 1973 as a high school junior 120 miles away in KY and couldn't get enough of Clark Rogers and Carl P.