Friday, September 09, 2005

Ongoing Epilogue and Katrina pics

I know I said I had finished the series, but I just had to share this today with all those who have followed the series and my path to Ingram.

Wednesday night, I met a woman and her two children who just flew in from being rescued in New Orleans. They are staying with one our church families, Jerry and Sandra Collins. The family was trapped with others for several days in the balcony of their church in New Orleans. Her two young sons would wade through the flooded church to the kitchen to bring them water and food. A window in the balcony overlooked one of the overpasses that was crowded with stranded victims. Those in the church would sing hymns to weather their plight. The people on the overpass, feeling comfort from the songs, would call out requests. That in itself is a beautiful story. But how does it relate to my journey?

Well, Jerry called me today. The husband, Charles, wants to stay in Nashville and they are trying to rebuild their life here. Jerry called to see if I could help Charles. It seems Charles was a mate on a fleet boat in New Orleans in the barge industry. Jerry knows I work for Ingram, the largest barge company. I told our HR person about Charles. He says they are in desparate need of experienced mates and can put him to work on the Cumberland (meaning he can be based out of Nashville). Also, they need pilots and captains in training and would help him work toward his pilot's license. Pilot and captains are the highest levels on the boat.

We are trying to get a hold of Charles to get him to come in and talk with us.

You know that I believe God put me at Ingram for a purpose. I am choosing to believe that this is part of that purpose.

I will keep everyone posted on this development.

Below are some pictures of the power of Katrina and how high the storm was. Keep in mind these barges are steel masses 200 ft. long by 35 ft. by 15 ft. high. If they are loaded, it is ~1500 tons of product. The barges on the bridge and the boats are not Ingram's. Even though we had our fair share of barges beached on the bank. Most important Ingram had no human casualties, althoug we had over 300 employees directly affected by Katrina.



Phil said...

Great news, Tony. I'm grateful that you're open to what God is doing.

judy thomas said...

God does come through if we can only wait patiently. Thanks for the story.

jettybetty said...

God is amazing! Doesn't sound like the story is finished yet!


Malia said...

I love being witness to the ways that God works in all of our lives. Thanks for sharing that with us.

JMG said...

How cool!!

JMG said...

I thought about you this morning, Tony. When you mentioned in a previous post in this series that you are a supporter of Vanderbilt football, I thought, "Poor Tony. He's living in a dream world supporting such a lost cause." But listening to this morning's news I heard about Vandy's defeat of Arkansas, and I had to wonder just how much praying and fasting did you do before the game?

My team lost at home yesterday. We probably couldn't even beat Vandy on our home turf now as bad as we are.


Tony Arnold said...

GO 'DORES. I was going crazy Saturday night. Can't wait to tailgate for the first home game next week!


Amanda said...

Hey, Tony!

I met Linda, Charles and Angela and their boys last night at the Srygley's house. What an amazing family! I really hope everything works out for them here in Nashville.

Malia said...

You're not going to believe this but "Waiter" posted a comment on my blog in response to your comment about his post about God.

(my apologies to the other commenters and readers...I put this here because I knew Tony would see it)