Friday, March 11, 2005

Initial Musings

Well, I have posted on blog sites and have now ventured into having my own blog site. As part of my first foray, I am posting my favorite scripture. One of the family's at my church whose blog has chronicled the trials of a serious injury to their child, asked for scriptures today. I posted this one:

Isaiah 55: 6, 8-13.

If anyone has a notion to read this and make comments, it is a start to my blog.



Vicki said...

I believe you are wise to recognize that the lack of freedom of Johnathan's mind is an impediment to his healing. Satan sinks to all kinds of levels to get us to speak words that will bring us destruction. But the word of God will deliver us always.

Clarissa said...

time to post again!! Ah, the pressure of blogworld.